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A Non Alcoholic Bar Where Everyone Can Belong


Bone Dry
Sober Bar

Bone Dry
Sober Bar

Coming to Downtown Fresno Q1 2023

Soft Opening
February 11th

Update: Our new location will be at The Sun Stereo Warehouse at 736 Fulton St. Fresno, CA Unit 125. Pop up events will continue while we are under construction. Sober Fresno, welcome to your new home!

A Bar Specifically For Those Who Choose to Not Drink

Fresno, CA has a strong drinking community. But 30% of adults are sober. Where are they supposed to enjoy an alcohol-free beverage, socialize, and be entertained?

Bone Dry Sober Bar is your new home. With the largest selection of craft mocktails, NA beers, wines, and kombuchas in the Central Valley, we aim to cater to the sober crowd in a fun and entertaining adult environment.

Mocktails you've never seen the likes of

We offer a massive variety of original craft mocktails, using only <0.5% ABV ingredients


How did Bone Dry Sober Bar begin?

Well it started with waking up on the floor with the worst hangover I ever had...

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