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A Bit About Us

It started with a hangover

On December 15th, 2019, I woke up in a pool of sweat. I couldn't even tell you how much I had to drink the night before. I spent the day sick and disgusted and passed out in bed at 9 PM, just as the hangover started to subside.


656 days later, having not touched a drink, I had an epiphany. Why should bars just be for drinking alcohol? Why can't I, or anyone else for that matter, have the same social space and entertainment that a bar offers, without being tempted to drink? I began immediately.

Within one month my fiancé and myself had not only founded Bone Dry Sober Bar together, we were hosting a pop up in our own city of Fresno, CA. We expanded together and grew, appearing on TV, in newspapers, and placed 2nd in the Downtown Fresno Create Here competition.


None of that mattered as much as the feedback we received. Dozens of patrons and interested observers told us that they had been looking for something like this in their city for ages.

Our mission is simple.

We will create a sober environment where all non-drinking adults can have a place to hangout, enjoy life, and socialize, without the influence of alcohol.

We will fight for you. We will cater to you. We offer to you

Bone Dry Sober Bar.


Ian Landis


Pop Up Requests

Throwing a party, a wedding, or a just something cool? Inquire about having Bone Dry Sober Bar come to you!

We have a variety of pricing options to suit your financial requirements, and are very customizable on drink selection.

Book us today!

We only allow bookings within 40 miles of Fresno, CA

Whether you want to inquire about scheduling a pop up, ask a question, or just tell us what you think, you can message us directly below:

Thanks for submitting!

Aperitivo with Friends
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